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Hi There! Glad to be here!

2014-10-03 21:29:15 by terrorisnear


     Hello everyone! My name is Amber! I go by Amber, Terror, Terro, Bramble, or Brambo. I'd prefer it if you called me Terror or Terro. A lot of people on DeviantART call me that! You can basically find me ANYWHERE with that user name! It's even my kik and snapchat! I'm really excited to have an account on this website. I've played Newgrounds games for what seems like forever, but I've just never joined it!

     The main reason, is because I spend a lot of my time drawing, and being on DeviantART. That's one of the quickest ways to contact me, or to email me! My email is terrorisnear@gmail.com. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask me in the comments section! I like to hear from you guys! And yes, as you can tell, I feel awkward if I don't use good grammar. ^^;


Contact me here:


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